About Me

Hello, my name is Charion and I'm currently 29 years old. In my free time I like reading webtoons (korean manhwa, western webcomics or manga), watching anime, practicing my drawings and coding skills, or just playing games, listening to music, watching Youtube videos. I'm not used to talk a lot.

  • Personal: 05.Feb.1992 | Female ♀ | Aquarius ♒
  • Fav.games: ARK: Survival Evolved, Code Vein, Touhou Project, Minecraft, The Forest & other survival games, stealth (horror) games - ex. Outlast
  • Fav.music: metal, trance (uplifting), eurobeat, eurodance, hardstyle, chiptune
  • Fav.color: crimson

Owned sites:

  • The Neverland - old website, linux and my interests
  • Abandonsite - oldschool stuff, chiptune music
  • MT-Builder - stuff regarding minetest
  • Interstellar[dot]Net - a fake/fictional social platform, OCs, a project made for fun
  • Abyssian Journal - website containing headcannons or other thoughts related to my own story in making or existing series. Might contain possibly triggering content.

Social media:
Twitter @Charzix
Instagram @Tarnark0
Discord ID @RapTaru#9999
MyAnimeList @Charzix
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